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Updated: Sep 30, 2021

The Butterfly Beauty Sleep blend wasn’t just created for it’s vibrant blue colour or for it’s sleepy side effects. The blend was curated from two very unlikely life changing experiences.

The first, the tragic death of my sister. The second, a journey through the Middle East.

Sounds crazy right? How does that create a bestselling tea? Well, let me tell you this special back story for Butterfly Beauty Sleep.

When I was 19 years old, my sister Jess passed away from cancer. She was just shy of her 24th birthday.

She was a daisy picking, butterfly loving hippy at heart. Her smile would light up any room she entered.

During her illness, she constantly used lavender essential oil to rub on her skin, fill the diffuser, dab on her pillow. Lavender filled the air. And I absolutely hated the smell. Hated it with a passion!

Even though Jess was only young when she passed, she had been an avid traveller and made me promise her that I would carry on her legacy to wander the world.

I hadn’t travelled before, but I also hadn’t ever broken a promise either. Especially not to my sister. I kept my promise, I booked a one-way ticket to Mexico and off I went.

With tea being such a passion of mine, I made sure to visit as many tea houses as possible all over the world. From partaking in fancy, traditional tea ceremonies in Kyoto, to sipping on mate de coca in mud brick villages in Latin America.

One of my most memorable moments of ‘tea travelling’ around the globe was in Jordan, sitting with a delightful Bedouin fellow named Ishram. He leads a very humble life in a quant brick home beside the road perched on the edge of a gorge (and what feels like the edge of the world).

He was incredibly welcoming and lovely, offering me sage and chamomile tea accompanied with warm smiles. I was deathly sick at the time, not that my beaming smile showed it.

I had a terrible chest infection, torn muscle in my neck and I hadn’t slept well in well over a week. Ishram insisted that the sage would soothe my throat and aching muscles. Guaranteed that the chamomile and sage combination would help me get a good nights sleep due to their mild sedative properties.

He foraged crystals from the deep valley below to try to sell them to potential tourists passing by. But the home brewed tea, that was always free. I found something so deeply humbling about that.

After learning that my name was Crystal and that I liked crystals myself, he meticulously chose the shiniest one he had bathing in the Middle Eastern sunshine and gave it to me as a gift.

I tried to offer money, but he said: “I value goodness more than money, that is where the riches are.”

So very true.

As we sat on the edge of the World looking down over the valley and the winding roads that lead to the Dead Sea, we sipped warm tea. And Ishram was right. I felt my muscles lose the tight tension, my throat was less scratchy and sore. I felt at ease and relaxed.

He softly smiled and looked over at me and reaffirmed: “money cannot buy moments or memories, this is where the riches are.”

This moment has always been etched in my mind. Whenever I think back to sipping tea with Ishram, I smile. And essentially, in a way I had my sister to thank for it.

I wouldn’t have been sitting there in that moment had it not been for the promise she made me make to her before she passed.

I wanted to curate a specialty tea blend in honour of my beautiful sister. One that would combine this magical moment I shared with a total stranger. Furthermore, I wanted to incorporate lavender. That was particularly important to me.

Why would I want to incorporate lavender if I hated it so much?

I wanted to flip the script. Any time I smelled lavender, it would take me back to terrible memories of my sister, helpless and unwell. So, I wanted to marry the fragrance of with such a magical moment, that was filled with such happiness. And one that I had my sister to thank for.

So, my friends this is how Butterfly Beauty Sleep came to fruition.

A blissful blend of sage, lavender flowers, butterfly pea flower, chamomile flowers and blue cornflowers.

The ultra relaxing properties of this wonderful brew is not only delicious, but beautiful to look at and smell too.

I absolutely love the smell of lavender these days. Because, now instead of thinking back to a traumatic memory of my sister in her final days, when I smell lavender, I now smell it and it transcends me to the incredible journeys I've had overseas, fond memories of my sister laughing and reading her travel journals with me upon returning home. I reflect on it with love and gratitude for the gift that my sister had inadvertently given me in her passing. With the promise I had made to her to travel, explore and to connect with people all over the globe. People like Ishram. And so many, many more.

Some teas are brewed for their properties, others just for taste. For me, Butterfly Beauty Sleep takes me on a journey all on it’s own. And it’s so dear to my heart.

Want to know a great #teatip?

Butterfly Beauty Sleep is delicious served ice cold. If you add some citrus, the colour will change purple right before your eyes, adds to the flavour too!

I hope you all enjoyed this blog, all be it bittersweet. If you enjoyed this story, please don't forget to share and follow @bamboococos to show your support and stay up to date.

Much love and happy sipping,

Crystal xo

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