Do you have milk in your tea?

They say a cuppa can fix all things. Well at least this is what my nana would say, no matter the situation.

It was served hot, tea bag left in, two sugars and a dash of milk. This was my go-to cuppa for years, decades even. Until I learned how seriously bad tea bags were for your health – I wrote about that HERE.

So, I moved onto loose leaf tea instead and that good old go-to cuppa remained the same.

Until last October a had a life changing tour of the Happily Heifer After Sanctuary on Halloween.

I figured, being around beautiful animals would be far better than dealing with children rocking up at my house asking for candy…even though we were repeatedly taught as children not to take candy from strangers…don’t even get me started on this.

I can already hear your brewing questions – pun intended.

What does my visit to the Happily Heifer After Sanctuary have anything to do with tea? Or how I drank it?

The answer is really, quite simple.

I learned about the dairy and meat industry from the wonderful Michelle, tour host and major facilitator of the sanctuary.

I have been a vegetarian for the better part of my life, but from that day on I went completely plant based.

Cold turkey.

And I was the kind of girl who dreamed of a multi-tier cheese wheel wedding cake. I was a freak who would have a slice of butter on a slice of cheese on a buttery cracker.

Yup, I was obsessed. And without hesitation or doubts, I went completely plant based.

Michelle, an ever so admirable human, introduced us to all of the animals at the Happily Heifer After Sanctuary. She told us their back stories, we snuggled with them, I cried both happy and sad tears. It was beautiful and a life changing experience indeed.

Ok, ok more questions stirring? I hear you friend, I hear you.

What does this have to do with Bamboo Cocos, my business? How does it impact the products I offer? How does this affect you, my beautiful customers?


Firstly, I scrapped ALL of my tea infused recipes I had previously planned for my business and am in the process of creating new and improved VEGAN FRIENDLY tea infused recipes.

I’m not going to lie, some parts have been challenging. But oh so worth it.

Secondly, I reached out to the legends at Happily Heifer After Sanctuary and arranged to donate a portion of every single sale I make to them. I also sponsored a Donkey, Sam – I’m in love. Seriously.

Thirdly, now, all of my products are suitable for ALL!

I couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with the team at Happily Ever After Sanctuary. They’re all such an incredible bunch of humans that dedicate their lives to helping those without voices.

Hugh, another Happily Heifer After legend in his happy place!

Going to the Happily Heifer After Sanctuary tour was not only life changing for me personally, but so, oh so much fun! Check out their upcoming tours HERE.

As always, thank you all for your support to my business, and know that your purchase makes a genuine impact.

If you would like to discover more about the Happily Heifer After Sanctuary, check them out HERE.

Vegan friendly recipe books coming to your inbox soon my lovelies!

Until then, happy sipping.

Crystal xo

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