Why Ditch The Tea Bag?

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

All the things you need to know about the common tea bag. And why you should make the switch to loose leaf tea.

I know a tea bag might be convenient. They’re single served without you even having to think about it. They are probably cheaper too.

But are they good for your overall health or environment? And do they make the best cuppa?

Short answer, no.

Paper tea bags can be coated with additives such as dioxin, epichlorohydrin or even bleached in chlorine.

Yes my friends freakin’ chlorine! That nasty chemical that we all know makes our eyes milky and burning after a day at the local swimming pool in Summer. I’m sure I’ve accidentally gulped down some pool water chemicals in my time, but certainly not by choice!

Yes my friends freakin’ chlorine! That nasty chemical that we all know makes our eyes milky and burning after a day at the local swimming pool in Summer. I’m sure I’ve accidentally gulped down some pool water chemicals in my time, but certainly not by choice!

Are the new and trendy pyramid tea bags any better? Well, no not really.

They may look nicer, they may keep your tea leaves more in tact for slightly better tea quality. But at the end of the day, they’re made from plastic like PVC or nylon. Come on people, we should definitely know by now that ingesting plastics leached out by hot water is bad….right? We know this surely!? And if you didn’t, you’re welcome. You do now my friend.

All be it convenient to rip open a single serve tea bag, whack it in your cup, pour in boiling water, give it a stir and have your tea. Well, it’s this exact action that can leech the nasty chemicals that your tea bag is made from or coated in, right into your tea.

Gulp, gulp, gulp.

You have drank the tea….along with the chemicals too. Shit!

Not my idea of a healthy cuppa to start my day, no siree Bob.

I won’t harp on about environmental impact too much here, I think we all know that single use products has a heavy environmental impact. To be fair, most tea bags are made from compostable or bio-degradable papers or plastics, these days. But research has shown that around 20-30% is STILL not. In my eyes, there’s still a long way to go for common tea bags to be completely waste free...or good for us.

Now, I’m not saying that all companies coat their tea bags in chemicals, bleach them in chorine and are making plastic leaching bags for your cuppa that pollutes the Earth. I’m not at all.

Many companies are very conscious about caring for their consumer and assuring that no plastics or harmful chemicals are added or can be leached. As well as taking into careful consideration of the environmental impact that the discarded tea bags have on our planet.

But there’s still a problem here….let’s talk about the actual tea inside the bag – the sole reason as to why you purchased that tea bag in the first place.

Let me ask you a quick question, have you got a tea bag at home? Yes?

Go ahead and rip it open.

Seriously, go grab a tea bag and rip it open to see what it looks like inside. Can you see whole leaves? Can you see whole flowers? Can you make out what each ingredient is at all?

My guess is probably not. Why is this an issue?

Well, to put it bluntly, the finer the leaves and herbs are cut, the more likely the quality of the tea will be shit. Yep, I said I was going to put it bluntly.

I’ll try to explain with a fun analogy of an apple.

Imagine you have a whole apple and you cut it in half. The cut flesh is exposed to oxygen, starts to brown and rapidly oxidises which deteriorates the apple tissue.

Now imagine if you chop that apple up to super duper fine pieces.

What are you left with?

A pile of ultra oxidized, mucky brown, tissue damaged apple pieces that perhaps even your bird would turn it’s nose up at. Or maybe I just have fussy pets? But....would you eat it? My guess, probably not.

You see, the same thing applies to teabags.

The finer the leaves, herbs and flowers are cut, the more tissue damage and oxidization they suffer. Therefore, your cuppa suffers! Couple that with the potential leeching of harmful chemicals and plastics – boom – decision made easy.

Loose leaf all the way!

And I can hear you already…

“But Crystal, I don’t know how to brew loose leaf tea or what to use, I don’t know where to start?”

Good thing I am here to help you!

I’ve written a simple guide to show you exactly how to brew tea, correctly. You can find it HERE.

Here are my top five tea accessories I highly recommend:

1. The double walled glass tea & fruit diffuser bottle

2. The classic teapot - Hand crafted teapots are coming soon!

3. The stainless stirrer.

4. The mesh ball strainer.

5. The cotton reusable tea bag.

Some of these items available for sale within my store by clicking the highlighted link in the product description. For products that Bamboo Cocos doesn't stock, the link will direct you to another local small business that I love to support. *Please note, that these are not affiliate links and I will not receive any commissions from sending you to another business – just spreading some love!*

I hope you enjoy your next cup of tea, and hope that you make the switch to ditch the common tea bags!

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Much love and happy brewing,

Crystal xox

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