Store Policy

Customer Care

Excellent customer service is what we, at Bamboo Cocos, take great pride in providing for our valued customers and clients. We make ensuring our customers and clients have a positive experience with Bamboo Cocos a high priority. 

We aim to build trust and long term relationships with our customers to the best of our ability.

Customer and client feedback is encouraged and greatly appreciated so that we, at Bamboo Cocos, can continue to develop meaningful ways to connect with our customers and clients alike. All feedback is welcomed.

Terms and Conditions

Please ensure that you read all of the terms and conditions prior to committing to any agreements or purchasing any products. By committing to any agreements or purchasing any products, you are also agreeing to the following policies: privacy and safety, shipping,

refunds & exchanges. 

Bamboo Cocos will not accept any liability or responsibility for any allergic reactions in relation to any products purchased that are consumable. By purchasing any Bamboo Cocos products, you guarantee and accept full responsibility for any allergic reactions that occur by consuming any Bamboo Cocos products. Bamboo Cocos partners with third party businesses and does not accept any responsibility for any product purchased through said third party. All third parties are responsible for being licensed and for complying with all local laws and regulations. 


By purchasing any products and using this website, you are guaranteeing that you have read , understood and agreed to all outlined terms and conditions. You are also agreeing and guaranteeing that you are capable and committed to being bound to all terms and conditions.  You are also agreeing and guaranteeing that you will comply with all local laws and regulations. 

Bamboo Cocos may change their company terms and conditions, policies or procedures holding to rights to do so at any time and without notice. Any inappropriate, aggressive, racist or abuse of any kind to either staff of Bamboo Cocos or members within the Bamboo Cocos community will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Bamboo Cocos reserves the right to terminate membership(s) and refuse the use of this website if this kind of behavior occurs. By using the Bamboo Cocos website are responsible to stay up to date with current terms and conditions, policies and procedures. 

If you cannot abide and agree to these terms and conditions, you may not use the Bamboo Cocos website. Furthermore, you cannot make any purchases or agree to any subscriptions on the Bamboo Cocos website.  


Privacy & Safety

We at Bamboo Cocos have the utmost respect for your privacy and safety. Any information that is gathered from our site visitors will be kept securely and anonymously. Your information will not ever be shared or used for any reason other than to communicate with you in regards to your partner or customer enquiry and/or to send you marketing material (If you should choose to sign up to the Bamboo Cocos newsletter)

All privacy and safety concerns are taken extremely seriously and will be responded to at our earliest convenience. Your private information will never be shared for any reason, including credit card details, email, address or name. None of your details will ever be shared to third party marketing companies either. Your credit card details will not be stored on any of our data bases or servers. 

We at Bamboo Cocos would never violate your trust and break any of these policies for any reason!

If you have any privacy or safety concerns, please contact us directly via email HERE 


Wholesale Enquiries

If you have a business and would like to stock Bamboo Cocos products, we'd love to hear from you!

Bamboo Cocos offers wholesale pricing and partners with a variety of businesses ranging from gift shops, e-commerce stores, hamper & gift box businesses...the list goes on!

Please get in touch with your wholesale enquiries HERE

Pottery Workshops

Cancellation policy:

All cancellations or requests to move your workshop needs to be done via email to the following email:

The venue(s) is hired and paid for in advance for limited and specific numbers by staff at Bamboo Cocos hosting the workshop. Because of this reason, no less than 72 hours is required for cancellations for your current bookings. This provides an opportunity to offer your spot to another customer. You may move your booking to an upcoming date, if one is available, or will receive a voucher for the full value of the pottery workshop purchased. 


If you need to move or cancel your booking within 72 hours, you will receive a voucher valued at 50% of the purchase price of your purchased pottery workshop. 

Some workshops will be hosted at licensed venues, others will not. Unless a workshop is hosted in a licensed venue, BYO alcohol may or may not be permitted to the workshop. Detailed outlines of whether or not you are permitted to bring or consume alcohol will be clearly outlined in your workshop details and ticketing information. No intoxication, disrespectful or obnoxious behavior will be tolerated at any time - Staff at Bamboo Cocos reserves the right to inform bar staff at licensed venues to decline service of alcohol to patrons if deemed intoxicated and disruptive. Staff at Bamboo Cocos reserves the right to refuse a customer(s) the right to attend and stay at a workshop if deemed intoxicated or disruptive. Staff at Bamboo Cocos does not permit or promote irresponsible drinking or behavior under any circumstance. 

While it is unlikely that a participant to have an allergic reaction to the clay, clay materials or glaze materials, it is the participants responsibility to be aware of any allergies they may have and attend the workshop with caution. 

Staff at Bamboo Cocos may offer refreshments. Bamboo Cocos will provide the ingredients of food and/or beverages offered to participants - it is up to the discretion of the participant to asses the risk of consuming  the refreshments provided. 

Payment Methods

Pricing is calculated in Australian dollars and we accept the following payment methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Direct Bank Transfer