Let's give a warm welcome to
Bamboo Cocos

So...what is the Tea Shop In A Box?

It's your one stop tea shop...IN A BOX! 


You'll never have to wonder which teas and tisanes to try out next. We have it covered for you!


There are literally thousands of delicious teas, tisanes, treats and tea accessories to choose from. We at Bamboo Cocos thoughtfully and thoroughly research a huge variety of premium tea, tisanes and Aussie made vegan friendly treats to ensure that you receive only the best quality products with a wide variety that any tea lover will adore and never get bored of!

We take the guess work out of knowing if your products are of premium quality, ethically sourced and sustainable. It's our first and foremost priority! 

Tea Shop In A Box, includes variety of teas to try, funky handmade ceramic tea accessories, cocktail flashcards to create delicious hard teas out of your included blends, unique tea infused recipes and even an exclusive discount code to use storewide on your next order! 

So what do you need to do?

Step One.

You decide to spoil yourself like you deserve to be!

Choose to pamper your tea loving self by treating yourself to the Tea Shop In A Box. Self care is more important than ever right now and indulging in a healthy dose of happiness is just what the doctor ordered!

Self care isn't selfish, it's necessary.


Kick your feet up and relax. Prioritise making a little more time for yourself each and every day. If only for 15 minutes. What better way to implement these good habits by unwinding, basking in the sunshine and sipping peacefully on a cuppa out of a handmade mug! 


Step Two.

I'll fill up your box up with goodies!

I will personally load up you Tea Shop In A Box with variety of premium teas, a handmade keep cup a bambillo tea strainer straw, a super comfy pair of sip'n'snuggle socks, a handmade mug hugger and a little booklet with original recipes for cocktails and delicious treats! It will also give you info about the health benefits that are included in your box.



Step Three.

Your box is delivered to your door


Your Tea Shop In A Box is delivered right to your door! I will also send you an email to let you know your Tea Shop In A Box is on it's way.


Step Four.

Yay! It arrives!!

You excitedly receive the best ever tea mail! You eagerly open your Tea Shop In A Box and enjoy your premium tea and treats!


Perhaps you could host an impromptu afternoon high tea or hard tea cocktail party!?



There are no plans available.



What you will LOVE about Tea Shop In A Box

Gifting made easy!! Christmas is just around the corner


Discovering a variety of teas, tisanes and fruit infusions that are hand picked just for you!

Getting an exclusive promo code to use storewide on your next order

Hosting awesome hard tea cocktail parties with your family and friends


Eliminating standing aimlessly in the tea aisle not knowing what to buy

Having beautiful and unique hand crafted ceramics

Wearing funky and cosy Bamboo Cocos sip'n'snuggle socks

Making delicious cocktails with your recipe card

Making a delicious tea infused sweet treat


What's not to love about Tea Shop In A Box!?